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The Converse Chuck 70: The All Star for Today’s Generation

Converse may have had highly successful silhouettes in the Jack Purcell and the One Star, but it’s undeniable that the Chuck Taylor All Star is its most iconic sneaker of all time.

Since its introduction in the 1920s as a basketball shoe and its popularity in the 1960s and 70s, the Chuck Taylor All Star has remained relatively unchanged through the years. At a time when silhouettes come and go, the All Star easily claims the throne of OG for its longevity in the game.

The magic of the Chuck 70 is in its faithful reconstruction of the All Star that makes it the perfect pair for this generation.

For starters, the canvas used in the uppers on the Chuck 70 is thicker, with an extra layer stitched inside, allowing it to stand on its own and making it more durable.

The Chuck 70 also has a cushy foam insole, giving wearers added support and comfort.

Beyond what you can see and feel, the Chuck 70 also comes with nickel plated eyelets instead of aluminium ones from the classic All Star.

The toe box on the 70 has also be varied to match the creamy midsoles instead of the white ones on the All Star.

All in all, the Chuck 70 takes an iconic silhouette and updates just the right amount of elements to uphold its identity while keeping it relevant for today’s market.

The Converse Chuck 70 is available at all boutique stores and online for a retail price of S$129.90 (high top) and S$109.90 (low top).

For a closer look at the Converse Chuck 70 Hi Top “Parchment”, check it out below.

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