Since the launch of Apex Legends, the latest addition to the Battle Royale genre which has taken the gaming world by storm, it was only a matter of time before Fortnite would make its move to fend off the competition.

Following EA’s announcement that Apex reached 25 million unique players in its first week – a feat that took Fortnite twice that time – industry experts and casual gamers alike have been expecting Fortnite to buckle at the introduction of a formidable opponent.

So it was unsurprising that when Fortnite introduced Season 8, it included a new feature that Apex players will find familiar: a ping system.

As shown in the video below by TmarTn, players on Fortnite can now highlight to teammates a particular location or weapon with a tap of a button.

The feature has been a widely popular one in Apex, allowing for strangers to play together in a squad without the need for a microphone, and we’re sure it’s going to have a positive effect amongst Fortnite players.

Besides the ping system, several bugs that have appeared in game may have revealed Fortnite’s plans to introduce respawn beacons as well, another beloved feature in Apex. 

Vans with holograms on their roof have begun appearing in the game, bearing a strong resemblance to the devices in Apex that allow you to bring back dead teammates.

Credit: Reddit user u/Smithstirini

It’ll be interesting to see how the games will fare out in the coming months, particularly with Apex Legends introducing its battle pass system this month.

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