It is truly an understatement to say that EA has a hit in its hands with Apex Legends. After the startling announcement that it topped 25 million players in its first week, developers Respawn Entertainment has announced that 50 million players have laid their hands on the game after just 28 days from launch.

Apex has had a meteoric rise to stardom since its surprise release in February when it was made available for free on the same day it was announced. Since then, the game has been lauded by critics and players alike.

In comparison, Fortnite took more than four months to hit 50 million players, although it does boast a total player count of over 200 million. However, with Apex Legends outpacing Fortnite in terms of growth rate, it could very well be a matter of time before the former reaches that number as well.

The achievement is even more noteworthy taking into consideration that Apex is only available on three platforms: the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Fortnite, on the other hand, is playable on mobile and Nintendo Switch as well.

Time will tell how this freshly-brewing rivalry will play out.

Earlier last week, users have begun noticing several changes on Fortnite that have borrowed elements from Apex such as the ping system.

Respawn are also taking a page of Fortnite’s handbook by adding a battle pass in March as a form of monetization and a way to introduce new content.

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