Limited edition sneakers may be all the rage these days, but they’ve got nothing on these latest custom sneakers by New York-based artist Ceeze.

Combining the luxurious leather prints of Louis Vuitton on an adidas NMD Hu, the pair will set you back far more than the current resale prices of the latest adidas NMD “Solar Hu”.

The prints are taken from the darker “Eclipse” monogram print, repurposed from an LV 45mm Keepall Duffle Bag.

The customs are available now from Ceeze  for a cool US$2,850, which will take 3-4 months to complete and will require you to provide the base pair.

Should you require Ceeze to source for the base, that price will increase by US$200 –  a decent price for an NMD Hu.

Take a closer look at the custom pair below.

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