Kanye West’s YEEZY x 2XU Launch Shuts Down After Nobody Turned Up

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After a string of reputation-damaging Tweets, Kanye West’s ability to draw a crowd may actually be coming to an end.

While West’s highly popular YEEZY brand is known for amassing large crowds and queues during product launches in the past, the rapper’s latest drop in collaboration with fitness brand 2XU was cancelled after a surprisingly low turnout.

The release took place at 2XU’s outlet in Sydney where a queue was expected, but this was not the case and the launch was shut down after just 45 minutes.

The collection of bicycle shorts and leggings were teased on social media over the last couple of months, with wife Kim Kardashian donning the apparel to generate hype.

However, a combination of West’s dwindling influence and the exceedingly high price point for bicycle shorts – around $500 for a pair – proved too much for even his die-hard fans to turn up.

An official statement from 2XU sings a different tune, however, stating, “There’s been a change of direction from head office and unfortunately the event has been cancelled.”

Time will tell if the low turnout was a one-off or a sign of things to come for future YEEZY releases.

Kanye West’s YEEZY x 2XU Launch Shuts Down After Nobody Turned Up

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