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Rauzan Rahman and Elementical Fury’s Latest ’65 Dante’ Remix Celebrates 28 Years of Singapore’s Hip Hop Scene

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“Welcome to the 65”, rapper and producer Rauzan Rahman exclaims at the start of 65 Dante‘s original mix, the clearest indication that the track isn’t some run-in-the-mill hip hop number.

At a time when local and regional artists – even across the genres – are striving to sound like their Western counterparts, 65 Dante is a fresh take that embraces its roots and doubles down on it.

The remix stays true to that essence and even more so with the addition of Singapore’s OG hip hop DJ Ollie’Des and legendary MC Mr. Boo alongside the ever-talented Elementical Fury.

Paying tribute to the OGs that came before him, Rauzan hopes to educate about the rich past of Singapore’s hip hop scene that often gets overlooked by mainstream media and audience.

He hopes to overcome this dissonance with his upcoming album, by uniting everyone that have contributed and are still contributing to the Singapore hip hop scene from past and present.

“We are losing the foundation bit on Singapore hip hop,” said Rauzan. “Nobody is actually putting in the effort to educate about the history of the scene. I hope by releasing this album, it will bridge the gap between the OGs and the up and coming.”

While Rauzan is an advocate for celebrating the golden era of Singapore’s hip hop arena, the man behind Team Highness also hopes to elevate a new generation of artists, both technically and mentally. Rauzan has produced for a number of artists, not to mention the up-and-coming Yung Raja (MC Raja), whom we featured late last year.

Whether he’s working with them on beats or providing guidance on navigating the scene, an important message Rauzan hopes to impart to younger artists he works with is the need to stay grounded.

“I don’t normally control the content of the acts but one thing that I always stressed to [up-and-coming artists] is that we have to always keep our feet on the ground,” added Rauzan.

“We have to appreciate every act to the point where we can all feel the accomplishment when the other person succeeds. The scene is really too small to be hating one and other.”

Check out Rauzan Rahman’s brand new music video for the 65 Dante Remix above or give it a listen on all major streaming platforms.

Rauzan Rahman and Elementical Fury’s Latest ’65 Dante’ Remix Celebrates 28 Years of Singapore’s Hip Hop Scene

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