Introducing TNTCO, Your New Favourite Asian Streetwear Label

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The last couple of years has seen a huge uptake in street fashion here in Singapore as more individuals become interested in streetwear culture.

However, the trend has mainly been to look towards international brands for the latest drops, whether it’s Supreme or BAPE or Off-White, while overlooking Asian and, most importantly, Southeast Asian labels that are producing amazing products and looks in our own backyards.

A label that has been making waves in its own hometown of Malaysia is TNTCO and we have a hunch it’s only a matter of time before they start making waves all over the region.

TNTCO’s Snake Tee

TNTCO’s Bro Tee

Founded in 2013 by Deckson and JR, the duo started the label as a way to express their creativity, having been passionate streetwear fans from a young age.

Their designs focus on simplicity with an eye for detailing and are mostly inspired by daily life or a commentary about wider society. Each piece has a meaning or message which the label uses as a vessel to call out certain trends or phenomenon in the world. As co-founder JR puts it, “it’s almost like making a meme, but in a different kind of form.”

TNTCO’s Money Everywhere Shirt with Joe Chang and Miko Wong

That direction has certainly been a winning formula for the brand thus far. In fact, the re-release of the label’s best selling item, the Marble Tee V1, was sold out in one day.

TNTCO’s Marble Tee V1 Limited Edition

While the industry remains as competitive as ever, the founders are optimistic about what the future holds, particularly with the growth of consumers over the past years.

“There are more people acknowledging streetwear now, and more consumers in terms of the market,” said JR. “It will only get better, definitely more consumers from now, and it will take over more mainstream labels.”

The duo and their company Hamwiches Fashion Group are also the team behind PLUG (@plugmy), a sneaker reseller store specialising in reselling premium sneakers and streetwear. PLUG is the venue for the Malaysian leg of the Places+Faces tour in Southeast Asia, taking place on April 3-4, 2018.

TNTCO is now on The PLAYBOOK Collective. For a closer look at what they have in store, check out their Instagram page at @trinnitclothing.

Introducing TNTCO, Your New Favourite Asian Streetwear Label

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