Samsung’s Latest TV Will Look Almost Invisible On Your Wall

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Samsung presented its latest lineup of televisions at an event recently and ironically, they didn’t show much.

That’s because the newest range of QLED 4K TVs from the South Korean company has a new function that makes them look almost invisible on your wall.

By snapping a photo of the wall before you mount the television and setting it as your background, the television’s “Ambient Mode” is able to make itself look like a floating rectangle. This is partly thanks to its ability to place a digital shadow within its borders as if it was merely thin metal strips on a wall, instead of a screen.

Image: Samsung

While in “Ambient Mode”, the screen will also be able to display the time, the weather and news headlines.

Based on the press photos and several early reviews, it does appear that the TV blends into the walls. Samsung demonstrated this on a brick wall and a concrete one to great effect.

Of course, looking at it up-close will reveal its illusion, but a lot has to be said about its QLED technology to be able to mimic real-life lighting and appearance.

This is a natural progression for Samsung, which has been working towards making televisions a more visually seamless element of homes. Last year, the company introduced frames that allowed its screens to mimic paintings on a wall.

Image: Samsung

It’s unclear as to when the TVs will be available in our region, although it is now available in the US from upwards of US$2,000.

You can learn more here.

Samsung’s Latest TV Will Look Almost Invisible On Your Wall

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