This Film About How Wonder Woman Was Created Isn’t What You’d Expect, In A Very Good Way

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The world gushed about Wonder Woman’s debut feature film last year and her icon status has inspired both women and men for generations, yet not much has been said about her creator, Dr William Moulton Marston – not in recent years, at least.

Professor Marston and The Wonder Women, the untold story of how Wonder Woman was created, is an unexpected yet pleasantly surprising one that celebrates free love and explores the elusive question of whether humans are able to love two people at the same time.

The true story of Harvard professor and psychologist Marston is ‘incredible’ in every sense of the word, both unbelievable and extraordinary, particularly when we consider the Wonder Woman character that we’ve come to love.

Early works of the Wonder Woman character were criticised by many for having perversive themes, containing overly sexual ideas such as bondage and homosexuality within comic books catered for children. Yet, as we explore Marston’s life story, it explains how his personal life, advocacy for feminism and his relationship with two women informed his storytelling.

While I’ll refrain from entering spoiler territory, it’s worth noting how remarkable Marston’s work as a psychologist in studying and understanding human behaviour led to the creation of the Wonder Woman character, as a vehicle to transmit his findings and messages across to a generation that had yet to see gender equality as a basic necessity.

It goes without saying that the film is worth every trip to the cinema for its strong performances from its leads in Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote. As it stands, it currently has a Rotten Tomato score of 87%.

The film does have an R21 rating for mature themes and sexual scenes, so if you’re under 21, you might need to wait before you can watch it.

The film will be exclusively shown at GV and is now showing in Singapore.

Check out the trailer below.

This Film About How Wonder Woman Was Created Isn’t What You’d Expect, In A Very Good Way

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