If you’re an enthusiast of street fashion, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of copping the latest drops from Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Mastermind and the like. Things sell out fast, hot items aren’t released locally and resellers will slaughter you over your dream piece because they can. That’s assuming they are even selling the authentic pieces in the first place.

As it is, streetwear fans locally are short of options. Weekly drops will comprise of selecting one reseller to bet on, praying to the raffle-Gods to bless them and their reseller with a good queue ticket and smooth online checkout.

Enter Novelship, the brand new streetwear marketplace that will change the way you obtain authentic streetwear in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Driven to return the power back to consumers, founders Richard and Chris built a platform to optimize the buying process of streetwear drops. Their platform works by putting your hype streetwear pre-orders up for grabs to a pool of native and travelling resellers, essentially allowing consumers to bank on an army as opposed to just one reseller.

Not only that, Richard also found that there are a significant number of resellers based in the US and Japan who are selling their items 20-50% cheaper than Southeast Asian counterparts.

By connecting the dots, aggregating resellers globally, and creating an entirely new way for streetwear fans to pre-order items, Novelship has enabled streetwear fans to obtain the latest drops easily, quickly and at reasonable prices.

The site has quickly amassed a strong following in recent months with their ability to fulfil Bape drops every week. What’s more, if an item you want can’t be found on their platform, you can send in a custom purchase on the website to tap into their networks.

With the rise of street fashion, it looks like the skies are the limit for these guys and we’re looking forward to see how far they get.

To get the latest drop, be sure to visit Novelship’s online shop to get going.


For Christmas, Novelship is running a special Off-White x Nike promotion, giving you a chance to purchase a pair of the collection at retail price. More details below.

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