Here Are The Top 5 Best Photo Apps To Look Like A Hypebeast


Living in the age of technology, smartphones have enabled users to produce crystal clear images, and snapping a photo has become a daily necessity.

We all know that sneakerheads love showing off their latest pickups online, but taking the photo is just the easy part,  editing it to make it “Insta-worthy” to get rake in those likes is a whole separate process.

As such, we have curated the 5 best apps to take your photos to an all new ‘hype-beasty’ level.


VSCO is free on the app store and has an incredible range of filters for you to choose from, it also allows you to adjust the hardness of the filters.

It provides you a more in depth option for your photos by giving users the freedom to adjust the shutter speed, ISO, focus and colour balance.

This app is definitely a great alternative from Adobe Lightroom.

2) Snapseed

Image: Droid Life

Free on the app store with an easy interface, Snapseed gives you the ability to edit selected parts of your image, also to adjust the exposure, color and sharpness.

You can even use Snapseed to remove unwanted objects in your image.


3) Cortex Camera

Cortex Camera can be bought on the app store for S$3.99. This tool allows you to shoot in very low light and at night and has an electronic stabilizer which means no tripod is needed to hold your frame in position.

It can also take multiple photos and blend them together to remove noise.


4) Enlight 

Enlight started off with a section of bad reviews, but has quckly become one of the most powerful editing tools of today.

Free on the app store, Enlight provides you a wide range of editing tools, and gives you the option to blend two photos together to create double exposure.

On top of that Enlight allows you to adjust the colours of the image with its three touch system.


5) TouchRetouch

Image: FonePaw

TouchRetouch is an app which costs $2.98 that gives you the freedom of removing unwanted objects in your image.

It can detect surrounding pixels and replace them with unwanted objects. Remove, clone or cover up, the freedom is yours.

Here Are The Top 5 Best Photo Apps To Look Like A Hypebeast

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