Ultra Singapore 2017 Came and Went, But These Acts Are Stuck On Our Minds

And just like that, the two-day premier music festival arrived and left our shores in a flash.

Besides the heavyweights like Tiësto, Hardwell and Steve Aoki who gave us a rave to remember, there were a ton of other performances that stole the show at the Live Stage and proved deserving of a Main Stage slot in the coming years.

Here’s a quick recap of acts who stood out the most and sent us to rave Nirvana last weekend at Ultra Singapore 2017.


While technically a headliner, KSHMR’s set was located at the cozier Live Stage across the park. Nonetheless, many on social media described his performance as a show-stopping set, and understandably so.

During his set, the crowd was overflowing across the space and it was the most packed that the Live Stage ever got throughout the entire weekend. Here’s just a quick taste of how the evening went.

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At one point, KSHMR even said, “When this drops, we’re gonna make the Live Stage feel like the Main Stage.” It genuinely did.

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As though that wasn’t enough, KSHMR even played a part of his set with live musicians.

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This was definitely one of the best sets of the entire weekend.


Drum and bass fans were looking forward to Pendulum and boy, were they not disappointed for one bit. The group easily put the ‘Live’ in Live Stage with full, no holds barred performance.

While all the musicians were on point from the get-go, the stand out was frontman Rob Swire, whose vocals sounded so close to the album version, you’ll easily mistaken it for a backing track (he’s really singing though).

Of course, Pendulum is way more than their vocal melodies, with drops that sent the crowd into a frenzy – in a good way, of course.

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So good.


While the rain caused a halt midway through MYRNE’s set, the 22-year-old SMU student wasn’t going to let anything crash his party.

The DJ-producer, who is signed to Diplo’s label, beat the weather to a pulp with his beats and kept the crowd going amidst the downpour. In return, the crowd didn’t even flinch and repaid the service by staying throughout his set.

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The up-and-coming DJ has been racking up some valuable experiences through the years, even playing at Ultra Singapore last year. With his ever-improving spinning chops, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing MYRNE as a headliner.


Bursting onto the scene last year with a viral YouTube hit Dat $tick, Rich Chigga was one of the most anticipated acts on the Live Stage.

His recent rise to fame has seen this Indonesian teenager mix and mingle with hip-hop’s biggest names, and even collaborating with Diplo, Rich The Kid and Young Thug on a new single.

His brand of humour and realism in his raps was evident during his set, with visuals of mountain goats and silly portraits of himself to accompany his performance.

He even ‘psyched’ the crowd when he said that he had played his final song, only to return by replaying his hit Dat $tick for a second time, to the pleasure of his fans.

His flow and slick beats definitely fed the hunger for hip hop at the festival and we certainly hope he returns for a full concert once he drops his upcoming album.


Our very own Sam Rui brought her A-game to the Live Stage for all to see and we had a blast watching her perform her Alt-R&B singles.

Her performance was top class and she instantly disproved any critic who doubted her ability to recreate those sultry smooth vocals on stage. She even shared the stage with MYRNE during his set and showcased why she should be taken seriously as an artist.

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While her set was slightly on the early side, meaning that the crowd was a little bit thin, we’re pretty confident she’s on the rise and it only upwards for her from here.

Ultra Singapore 2017 Came and Went, But These Acts Are Stuck On Our Minds

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