In a world where old is new again, SEGA is the latest company from yesteryear that is reviving its former glories.

Through a service called SEGA Forever, fans of the company’s classic games will be able to enjoy them once again on an iPhone or Android device.

Five games will be made available from launch including Sonic the Hedgehog, with additional titles added every two weeks.

The games can also be played free of charge, although users may choose to pay US$1.99 to deactivate ads.

The service will also include features such as cloud saves, Bluetooth controller support and online leaderboards.

Sega’s chief marketing officer described the SEGA Forever service as the “Netflix of retro gaming”, and while it doesn’t have a monthly subscription, it hopes to emulate the popular streaming company by providing game fans with a catalogue of beloved retro games at the palm of their hands.

Check out the launch video above.

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