Singapore is known to be one of the most stressful workplaces in the world. Just last year, a survey saw Singaporeans scoring highest in the stress index compared to our Hong Kong and China counterparts, with 54 per cent of workers surveyed saying their stress levels have increased over the last six months.

With stress levels on the rise, local entrepreneur Royce Tan is giving Singaporeans an outlet to destress by smashing things up without judgement or need to clean up.

Inspired by the popular rage room concept from North America, The Fragment Room provides a safe space for stressed out individuals to release all that bottled up anger by breaking things.

Participants are decked out in safe smashing gear made up of a helmet, face mask, overalls, cut-proof gloves and a handheld “weapon”.

There are three standard packages, depending on duration and quantity of smashables. The ‘Single’ package costs S$38, which provides 30 minutes of smashing time and a crate of breakables. You can also bring a friend along and take on the ‘Double’ package for S$75.

However, if it’s been a rough week, the S$220 ‘Annihilation’ package will up that time to 60 minutes with unlimited crates and added sledgehammer to live out your hidden Wrecking Ball fantasies.

Walk-ins are available but to be sure of a slot, you can reserve a spot on The Fragment Room’s booking page. It’s open everyday from 1pm to 10pm.

The Fragment Room is located at 3 Balestier Road, Singapore 329671.

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