Boom! Floyd Mayweather Offers Conor McGregor $15m To Fight Him


Undefeated boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather has offered Conor McGregor US$15 million and a minor percentage from the pay-per-view to fight him.

Mayweather, who retired from boxing with an undefeated record of 49-0, said that McGregor is the only thing that could tempt him back into the ring.

McGregor has previously asked for US$100 million to fight Mayweather, although the US$15 million offer would be a career high for the Irishman. In comparison, McGregor purse for his last fight against Eddie Alvarez was rumoured to be in the region of US$5 million.

Pay-per-view though has always been the main source to income for McGregor, who banked almost US$11.5 million worth of PPV from the Alvarez fight.

There have been chatter of a crossover fight over the course of a year, particularly after the two-weight UFC champion obtained his boxing license in California last December.

According to HYPEBEAST, Mayweather was quoted saying: “I’m a businessman and it makes business sense. Everybody keeps talking about Conor McGregor. He’s blowing smoke up everybody’s a**. Dana White, the UFC — let’s make it happen. Bring him over to the boxing world, and I’ll show him what it’s like.”

In his usual form, McGregor held nothing back, throwing (verbal) punches at Mayweather by tweeting “Call me C.J Watson”, in reference to the basketball player who allegedly had a relationship with Josie Harris, the mother of Wayweather’s kids.

Boom! Floyd Mayweather Offers Conor McGregor $15m To Fight Him

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