This Bank is Paving the Way On How to Best Engage with Millennials

Millennials are an enigmatic bunch – I should know, I’m one myself. So unsurprisingly, industry professionals and trade journals struggle to define us without really understanding what makes us tick and click.

Sure, we do have common traits. According to Forbes, we are not really brand loyal, are fast-moving and, most importantly, we “value authenticity over everything else”.

However, what most brands overlook is that millennials, just like every generation before it (and after), are made up of entirely different types of people, many of whom have dissimilar tastes, wants and interests.

Providing authentic experiences isn’t necessarily intuitive to most brands. But with the rising influence and purchasing power of millennials, brands that fail to engage meaningfully and embrace the idea that they are not all one in the same may lose out in the long run.

One brand in particular has stood out in providing authentic and unique experiences across different interests and areas over the last couple of years – DBS.

Here are some other ways the brand has been continuously engaging the community.

1. DBS Marina Regatta

Since 2012, Marina Bay has played host to Singapore’s biggest water sports festival in the form of the DBS Marina Regatta.

DBS Marina Regatta 2016

Every year since, the DBS Marina Regatta has returned with even more ambitious and spectacular on-and-off water experiences, transforming the Marina Bay area to a gigantic festival.

While the main event was a dragon boat race that saw the region’s top teams battling it out for S$230,000 – the highest prize purse in Asia – this festival had (quite literally) anything and everything under the sun. This included a pop-up urban beach and Southeast Asia’s tallest inflatable water slide, all in the heart of the CBD!

The event also assembled and showcased Singapore’s own home-grown talent in the fields of art, music and culinary arts, topped off with live music sessions for an all-rounded experience for everyone.

Take Two at the DBS Sound House

2. DBS Live Your Dream

Recognising the need to support and propel the ambitions of home-grown talent, the DBS Live Your Dream initiative was launched this year to discover the “next generation” of local culinary talents.

Twenty home-grown chefs were specially nominated and mentored by Singapore’s top culinary stars to compete over the course of three editions of SAVOUR this year, with the finals taking place last month during the SAVOUR Christmas event.

The chefs were judged based on Taste, Showmanship and Business Acumen, while members of the public who purchased their dishes at SAVOUR had a vote each to nominate for the best chef or best dish.

DBS Live Your Dream winner Fiona Ting

Of course, the initiative wouldn’t be called ‘Live Your Dream’ for nothing. Fiona Ting, the first ever champion of the competition won a massive S$10,000 in cash, a two-week internship at a Michelin- starred restaurant and a rent-free 1000sqft restaurant unit at SavourWorld.

DBS also gave foodies a chance to learn from the very best through exclusive cooking sessions with DBS Live Your Dreams finalists. Other initiatives included a private dining experience with the winning chefs.

3. DBS Sailing at the Bay

Launched in 2013, DBS Sailing at the Bay gives members of the public a chance to sail  in the Marina Reservoir for free!

The Swedish Match 40 (SM40) Sailboats

In line with supporting first-of-its-kind initiatives, DBS upped the ante last year by bringing a fleet of the mega Swedish SM40 sailboats into Asia for the very first time.

In doing so, we now have a brand new way of experiencing Marina Bay like never before, taking on new sights and sounds one normally wouldn’t get from the ground.

What’s more, it gave locals a chance to get into the Marina Reservoir, an experience that simply doesn’t happen every day. If you’re interested, you can sign up here!


By providing a variety of meaningful experiences, DBS has built a stronger presence amongst millennials with different interests, and also within the community at large. While these initiatives are done on a larger scale, brands can also achieve this by focusing on authenticity while recognising the many different interests that make millennials unique.

This article was brought to you by DBS.

This Bank is Paving the Way On How to Best Engage with Millennials

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