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You Can Now Watch The World’s Most Pirated Show Legally In Singapore and Malaysia

That’s right. Amazon’s The Grand Tour, the motoring show made up of former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, surpassed Game of Thrones as the world’s most pirated show in history.

While only the first three episodes have been released so far, the show has been illegally downloaded over 18.9 million times, according to data from Muso.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May in The Grand Tour

So in a rather timely fashion, Amazon has announced the launch of their Prime Video offering in over 200 countries including Singapore and Malaysia, making it more widely available compared to its competitor Netflix.

Netflix launched in over 130 earlier this year and Amazon looks to surpass this, increasing its potential global reach while providing a much more affordable offering.

As part of its introductory rate, Amazon Prime Video will start at US$2.99 a month for six months. After that, users will return back to its standard rate of US$5.99. There will also be a free 7-day trial for users to check out the library and get familiar with the platform.

Besides The Grand Tour and Amazon’s award-winning Transparent, users will also get access to a backlog of movies and TV shows.

Amazon Prime Video home page as accessed from Singapore

As with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video allows users to download select shows and movies onto their mobile devices and tablets for offline viewing.

Amazon’s global expansion for its video services signals a recognition to move beyond the Western markets. Beyond video, Amazon has also been making a move into Southeast Asia for its bread and butter online retail services.

You Can Now Watch The World’s Most Pirated Show Legally In Singapore and Malaysia

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