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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Every Girl In Your Life This Christmas

Paweł Kadysz

Last week, we released the best Christmas gift guide ever for them dudes. Just to remind all of you lazy folks out there that your cash isn’t gonna spend itself, we present: “The Ultimate Gift Guide For Every Girl In Your Life This Christmas.”

The mythical Female is one we’ve yet to properly figure out. But we think we’ve done a solid-ish job in managing to break down this enigmatic entity into different sub-groups (just like we did for guys) – we hope. This way, it won’t matter if your special lady is into French toast or French literature, we’ve got the perfect gift for each type. Whether you’re looking to get a gift for mother dearest, yo’ boo or your BFFLE, this special lady deserves a special present. So treat her like royalty and use our list to get her an exquisite gift that will show her just how much she means to you.

1. The Reader

The literary goddess. Every time you meet her, she’s carrying a different book and you start to wonder if she’s like Mike Ross or something and is able to read a gazillion words a minute. She reads anything from Ancient Greek Epics to Postmodern poems. Ask her what her favourite fragrance is and she’ll tell you it’s the smell of a new book – that’s not a perfume. If you didn’t realise.

The Gift: Books Actually Box

Image: Books Actually

Local bookstore Books Actually just recently launched their box that comes with a book and small gifts handpicked by some of their curators. You get to choose which “Books Actually Elf” most identifies with you and from there, they’ll send you a book every month. This way she gets a surprise and a new book monthly.

Price: S$129.00 for a 3-month subscription

Where: Books Actually


2. The Fitspo

Buy her Under Armour apparel and she’ll get offended (come on man, it’s Lululemon that she wants). She goes to the gym, she runs, she does Pilates and she does Yoga. She’s probably also en route to becoming a certified Yogi. Acai bowls are her go-to snack. I mean they are pretty damn tasty.

The Gift: Made Real Healthy Snack Box

Image: Made Real

Based on whatever her nutritional needs are you can choose a collection of mid-day snacks – anything from Arab Dates to Gula Melaka Cookies. These snacks have no MSG, colouring or high fructose corn syrup. Super healthy for the super woman. She’ll go nuts for this gift. Heh heh. (Don’t ever use that joke on her. Ever.)

Price: S$24.90 per box with 6 items per box

Where: Made Real


3. The Hipster

(DISCLAIMER: Our attempted definition of The Hipster below merely seeks to outline some very general parameters. Because if we could truly define The Hipster, then well, she wouldn’t be hip anymore would she? Besides, no real Hipster identifies as a, “Hipster.” Amirite?)

Where does she shop? Haji Lane and local online blogshops. Where does she eat? Barring the soft spot she has for this one particular coffee shop, she probably tries a new cafe every week. What apps does she have on her phone? Photo-editing apps. A lot of them. This girl is beyond cool- she’s trendy, edgy, mysterious and definitely not mainstream. Don’t even try putting a label on her; leave that evil business to us.

The Gift: Polaroid Snap

Image: Digital Camera HQ

Polaroid has just recently recreated their classic camera, making instant photo-taking not only real cool, but also, real hip. The camera perfectly blends its vintage, minimalist design with new technology. It comes with 3 different colour modes: Colour, black & white and vintage sepia and it captures images in 10 megapixels. And come on, we all know how cool snaps of polaroid photos look on the ‘gram.

Price: S$198.00

Where: Cathay Photo


4. The Zany One

She never comes back from an outing empty-handed because she always ends up buying a handful of knick-knacks. Everything she owns is brightly coloured and she probably has a handful of polka-dotted clothing. Check out the artists she’s saved on Spotify and they’re mostly gonna be Indie Synth-pop duos. She kinda reminds you of Zooey Deschanel’s character from New Girl.

The Gift: Snupped BITCH! Drawstring Bag & Pins, Collar Pins or Collar Clips/Brooches

Image: Naiise

Local company Snupped‘s drawstring bag just screams zany. It’s bright, it’s covered in fluorescent colours and it’s got the word, ‘BITCH’ printed right across it. This is perfect for her day outings and perfect for showing people that though she may look kiiiinda kookie, she’s actually one badass. To complement her look, pick up some accessories from Naiise. They sell an assorted collection of funky pins, collar pins and collar clips/brooches that will look swee on this gurl.

Price: S$26.40 for the bag, S$4.30 to S$48.00 for the accessories

Where: Naiise – Snupped BITCH! Drawstring Bag, Accessories


5. The Bazaar Goer

If it’s a Sunday, she’s probably at a pop-up flea market somewhere in Gillman Barracks or the Goodman Arts Centre. She loves her homemade, artisanal jams and supports local, small-time jewellers who make their own earrings.

The Gift: Basic Silversmithing (Pendant Edition) Workshop

Image: Naiise

I’m sure she’s fascinated by small-time stall owners and the craft they partake in – I mean who wouldn’t be? With this workshop, run by local silversmithing company Fat Anvil Studios, she’ll finally get to learn the techniques and skills needed to forge her own pendant from silver or brass. What’s more, she’ll get to make a piece to keep for herself. Soon, you might see her setting up her own stall too.

Price: S$100.00 per person, on the 8th of January 2017

Where: Class will be at Sin Ming Lane. You can purchase a spot from Naiise.


6. The Adventurous One

Air conditioning? Please, there’s nothing like the wonders of nature – the cool breeze gently stroking your skin, the smell of pastures green, the glowing, radiant sun warming your face. Safe to say, she doesn’t like sitting at a desk indoors. Don’t you dare ask her to climb Bukit Timah hill – dat sh*t easy yo. Her idea of a fun date: Late-night cycling from East Coast Park to the Marina Barrage. You skip legs day while she loves working them quads.

The Gift: Fitbit Gold Series

Image: Fitbit

Granted, most people want one of these. We’re saying that she, of all people, would really appreciate this gift. I mean this gift is pretty self-explanatory: it’s a fitness tracker. It literally will track how fit she is. Oh, and this one’s in gold too by the way. Fit and fly. Perfect combo.

Price: S$358.00 for the Fitbit Blaze, S$248.00 for the Fitbit Alta

Where: Harvey Norman


7. The Classy Lady

Think Julianna Marguiles from The Good Wife or Kerry Washington from Scandal. This lady enjoys the finer things in life and always strives for quality before anything else. Her favourite post-work activity is lounging on her sofa, sipping on a glass of wine. You think you know class? You probably could learn a thing or two from this elegant specimen of a woman.

The Gift: The French Cellar Wine Subscription

Image: The French Cellar

Local wine company The French Cellar provides you with the opportunity to get her a gift like no other. Every month, one of the 3-star Michelin sommeliers will select two bottles of wine for your lady, based on her taste. Handpicked, free bottles of wine? What about this gift won’t she like?

Price: S$109.00 to S$309.00 for 2 bottles of wine for one month

Where: The French Cellar


8. The Jamie Oliver

To her, the weekends are meant for brunches. But she isn’t gonna go out and purchase a meal. No no. The weekends are meant for cooking brunches. This one loves cooking and everything related to it. Her bookshelf is filled with cookbooks – anything from recipes for exotic Mediterranean-styled seafood to traditional Nonya dishes. If she’s not getting her hands dirty with flour or oregano, she’s probably chilling, enjoying a nice, home-brewed cuppa or homemade hot chocolate. Take a quick look at her kitchen counter and you’ll see a whole row of top-of-the line crockery, blenders and juicers.

The Gift: Kinto Slow Coffee Machine

Image: GQ Magazine UK

Now we know what you’re thinking – a coffee machine? Shouldn’t I be getting her a new pot or something? Being her special man means you need to be on your A-game when it comes to getting her a gift. Why try to compete with her endless knowledge of cooking appliances? You’ll probably only get her something she already has. Instead, get her something that’s a little tangential (but still highly relevant) to her passion. This machine will allow her to slowly brew a nice cup of coffee. Japanese company Kinto combines a glass carafe with a specially perforated stainless steel filter that will help her produce some quality, slow-brewed coffee. We’re sure this gift will keep her itchy, cooking hands at bay but will also pleasantly surprise her.

Price: ¥16,200 (approximately S$202.39)

Where: Kinto Shop


9. The Dancing Queen

She just loves to boogy. And we’re not talking about that one fist-pumping move we all do at the club. Dancing is her passion and she could probably show you a couple of dance moves from tango, pop n’ lock and even classical ballroom. Just give her a beat and she’ll do the rest.

The Gift: Stelle Audio Pillar (Metallic Bronze)

Image: Amazon

If she’s gonna be dancing, she’s gonna need some sick beats to dance to. This bluetooth speaker not only produces immaculate sound in all directions with its proprietary technology, it also looks good. Its chic, clean look will fit well into an array of decor styles. Not only will she impress people with her killer dance moves, she’ll also impress them with her gear.

Price: $343.66 USD

Where: Amazon


10. The Artist

She paints. She draws. She sketches. She visits galleries and exhibitions. And she attends talks by artists.

The Gift: Introductory Pottery Classes

Image: Jadagram

She’ll get to broaden her artistic horizon with this gift. It’ll give her the chance to explore a side of art that she probably hasn’t had much experience with. Artistic element aside, this gift is a great bonding activity for the both of you. You can laugh at your finished mug, which will probably look more like lump of hardened molten lava.

And– if you’re in a romantic relationship with this lady, we highly recommend you use this as an opportunity to recreate the pottery scene from Ghost. Because that is without a doubt, one of the most romantic movie scenes ever. Cue Unchained Melody.

Price: S$240 for 4 classes, per person

Where: Mud Rock Ceramics


11. The Shailene Woodley

People call her the new-age hippie. She loves her herbal and organic stuff and only uses naturally grown ingredients for her home-made teas, soaps and balms. If it doesn’t come from the ground or a plant, she won’t use it. She’s all about keeping the body clean and pure and believes that it’s important to detox it from time to time.

The Gift: Gryphon Artisanal Tea Collections/Food Products or Gryphon Tea Subscription

Image: The Peak Magazine

With origins dating back to a family-owned tea importer nearly a hundred years ago, Gryphon Tea Company seeks to produce high-quality tea inspired by the rich cultures and tastes of Asia. You can buy food products like Straits Kaya or tea collection Di Tanjong Katong, a curation of 4 different teas. The company even provides a tea subscription so that she can get 2 boxes of curated teas every month. We don’t doubt that a gift from here will keep her detox-ified for a very long time.

Price: S$4.80 to S$8.00 for the Tea Collections/Food Products, S$79.80 to S$95.80 for the 3-month subscription

Where: Gryphon Tea Company

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Every Girl In Your Life This Christmas

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