The Ultimate Gift Guide For Every Guy In Your Life This Christmas

Happy holidays, folks! It’s that time of the year again for log cakes, turkeys, Christmas lights along Orchard Road but most importantly, it’s time to whip out that credit card and get some presents. Whether you’re looking to get a gift for your boy-boy, your bae or your bruvernor, this guide is for you.

We’ve racked our bro brains and scoured the interwebs for some of the coolest, newest, trendiest, bro-est gifts that you can get for your special man. Now, behind every man is a type – he could be artsy or he could be sporty. Regardless, we assure you that with our list, you’ll definitely find a gift that any sort of guy will cherish. Read on and get ready to give yourself one hell of a pat on the back when he opens your gift this Christmas.

1.  The Jock

He’s the gym rat. You never see him eat carbs and he rarely goes out for drinks with you and the rest of the guys. He talks to you about his “macros” as if you actually understand what that is. The regular 4 seasons don’t apply to him. Instead, he only has 2: Bulking and Cutting.

The Gift: Meal Prep Plan from Fitness Ration

Image: Fitness Ration

He will thank you for saving him from chicken breast hell. Local meal prep company Fitness Ration delivers a variety of healthy pre-cooked, pre-packed meals to your doorstep. The calories are all online and the best part is, depending on which season it is for him, you can choose to order meals either for his cut or for his bulk.

Price: S$152.60 for 14 meals.
Where: Fitness Ration

2. The Football Fan

If you ask him if he can manage a team better than Pep or ‘The Special One,’ he’ll probably say yes. He never misses his team’s match on the weekends and probably plays a light game of footy every Sunday, with his social team. He’s a die-hard fan and probably only has one game for his PS4: Fifa 17.

The Gift: Adidas ace 17.1 Primeknit Firm Ground Football Boots

Image: adidas

The newly-launched football boots by adidas will surely excite Mr part-time Messi, Mr part-time Jamie Carragher/Gary Neville. Equipped with a new sole plate that retains an arch in the center for increased stability and control, this pair of cleats will win this fan over.

Price: S$329.00
Where: adidas SG Online Store

3. The Geek

He loves his video games. And we’re not only talking about ones on the console. He plays anything from Unchartered 4 on the Playstation to Overwatch on the computer. Ask him about the “specs” of his laptop and he’ll go on for hours. He’ll put your button-mashing skills to shame.

The Gift: Playstation VR

Image: Playstation

This will change his gaming experience forever. With Sony’s new Playstation VR, he’ll get to fully immerse himself in whatever console game he owns and he will finally get to feel like he’s jumping over buildings, hiding in trenches or shooting aliens. Good luck trying to get him out of the house after this.

Price: S$649.00 (PS VR + Camera), S$599.00(PS VR alone)
Where: Sony [email protected]

4. The Techy

Not to be mistaken with The Geek, this type of guy loves all types of tech. And he probably even does some coding on the side too. Looking for the latest news on Silicon Valley or tech releases? Just ask him. If he’s not chilling with you guys, he’s probably in The Matrix.

The Gift: Anki Cozmo Robot Toy

Image: Anki

Powered by high-tech artificial intelligence, this cute little robot can recognise you as its owner and can even express feelings. Your techy friend can even play games with it! What’s more, this robot makes musical beeps and blips, which will definitely pull on your heart-strings. It’s so popular that the first batch is, unfortunately, already sold out. But the manufacturers assure a new batch is coming. We say: sit back, hang tight and promise your friend that if he waits on your gift, you can assure him that he’s gonna be on dat future shit yo.

Price: $179.99 USD
Where: Anki

5. The London High Street Fashionista

Fashion is his forte. But – don’t be mistaken – he subscribes to a very specific style. He only dresses like a London fashion designer. When you see him out and about, he’s normally sporting a longline tee, a military-like vintage jacket, harem joggers and a pair of white athletic socks. You can safely assume that he regularly shops online at Asos.

The Gift: A Bunch of Iron-on Patches & Reclaimed Vintage Leather Jacket

Image: Naiise (left) and Asos (right)

The 70s rock n’ roll style is back and your friend will surely sign off on this get-up. Bright orange and yellow hues on black have made a comeback and these whimsical iron-on patches that he can paste onto his ripped black jeans paired, with the fierce tiger on the back of this leather jacket will get him channelling his inner Jagger or Plant.

Price: S$5.90 to S$12 for Iron-on Patches, S$295.61 for the Leather Jacket
Where: Naiise (Iron-on Patches), Asos (Leather Jacket)

6. The Fuccboi

Hypebeast and Highsnobiety are this bro’s Bibles. He’s constantly talking about the release dates of signature lines or the latest fashion collaboration between some rapper and some artist. He’s the guy who went down to Pacific Plaza at 5am to line up for a pair of NMD’s. He also probably owns a white tee that costs $200.

The Gift: G-Shock + DTW GD-100 Watch

Image: Darker Than Wax

Casio’s G-Shock and Singapore-based record label Darker Than Wax have teamed up to release this watch for the label’s fifth anniversary. In conjunction with the watch, the pair has also released a mixtape featuring some of Darker Than Wax’s artists. The watch will be sold exclusively at Casio G-Factory in Singapore. Now if this isn’t Fuccboi enough, we don’t know what is. Much Hype. Very Lit.

Price: S$249.00

7. The Mad Men

Now this classy fellow just exudes Don Draper. He’s real suave and real chill. He appreciates the slower-paced, finer things in life and would probably install a fire-place in his HDB flat to sit in front of if he could. He’s definitely not the most energetic bro you have and he probably won’t go HAM on a Friday night; but he’s definitely a charmer.

The Gift: The Whisky Advent Calendar (2016 Edition) by Master of Malt

Image: Time for Whisky

What more would he want? 24 days of Christmas, 24 different samples of delicious whisky. Whiskies include a 50-year old Scotch and some of the entries of the 2014 World Whiskies Awards. Now that’s class.

Price: £124.96 (S$225)
Where: Master of Malt

8. The Lumbersexual 

He’s got the beard. He’s got the plaid shirt. He’s got the Timberland boots. He probably likes anything made of wood and leather. He’s “A MAN.”

The Gift: Craft Beer Advent Calendar by Thirsty Craft Beer Shop

Image: Thirsty Singapore

Hidden in a special box, just like the Whisky Advent Calendar, is 24 craft beers for the 24 days of Christmas. Throw in a leather pouch of sorts and he’d be the happiest, manliest bro in the world.

Price: S$199
Where: Thirsty Singapore

9. The Vainpot

Go to his place and you’ll find a collection of pomades, aftershaves, toners, moisturisers and cleansers. He also would probably have a hair dryer and an array of combs on his dresser. He cleans up real good and you never see him without product in his hair. Bad-hair day? Yeah, that doesn’t apply to him. Ever.

The Gift: JS Sloane Gentleman’s Deluxe Shave Edition – Heavyweight

Image: Panic Room

This gift set will fulfil all his shaving needs. The set includes products like a shaving cream and a shaving brush and even a shaving oil for some of that post-shave aftercare action. It even comes with their signature brilliantine to keep his hair looking on-point. The “Geylang Squad” down at The Panic Room has a whole list of “handsome-making” products, so if this doesn’t quite hit your sachok senpai’s standard, just go onto their site and browse away.

Price: S$143.00
Where: The Panic Room

10. The GQ Reader

Tom Ford. Tom Ford. That’s probably what’s playing in his head constantly. This bro loves anything related to the traditional, quintessential gentleman. Think well-tailored suits, nicely-polished shoes and flawlessly-made “time-pieces” (not watches bro, not watches).

The Gift: MVMT Sandstone Box

Image: MVMT Watches

The MVMT watch is this year’s Daniel Wellington. The brand that produces affordable, stylish watches for the everyday gentleman has had a very successful 2016 and we are sure this gentleman of yours has seen these watches all over his social media feeds and GQ magazines.

Price: US$235.00 (S$335)
Where: MVMT Watches

11. The Artist

The title speaks for itself. He paints, makes things, visits galleries, goes for exhibitions and artists’ talks and doodles a bunch.

The Gift: Band of Doodlers Sketchbook & Kult Magazine Subscription

Image: Band of Doodlers & Kult Magazine

Band of Doodlers, a local collective of artists that produce mainly doodles for pieces, have produced their very own sketchbook- something every artist cannot live without. It’s black leather front cover that has the collective’s logo embossed into it is definitely gonna make him one of the coolest artists around..

Kult Magazine has been growing steadily for years in Singapore, compiling works from various artists from all over the world and producing a magazine every quarter of the year. The images are striking and visceral but simultaneously unbridled and refined. An essential.

Price: S$20.00 for the sketchbook, $32.00 for a 1-year subscription
Where: Band of Doodlers & Kult Magazine 

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Every Guy In Your Life This Christmas

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