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New Research Says Hitting The Snooze Button Might Actually Benefit The Economy

We all know the feeling. The clock strikes 12 and work starts at 9am the next day, but for some reason rather than winding down, we bargain with ourselves that maybe just a couple of hours wouldn’t make a difference.

We then wake up hitting the snooze button on rounds that leave our parents or roommates wondering if we’d ever leave the bed.

Well it turns out, getting that extra shuteye might actually do a world of good for both yourself and the economy.

Sleep like a baby, it’s good for the economy

Lower productivity, more health risks

In a new study by RAND, sleep deprivation has costed billions in economics losses all over the world due to lower productivity and higher mortality rates.

In the U.S., sleep deprivation has costed the country about US$411 billion in economic losses a year. Sleep-deprived Germans racked up about US$60 billion, while closer to home, Japan suffered about US$138 billion.

It’s not all doom and gloom however as a small change in sleeping habits can make drastic improvements to the economy.

The study also found that increasing sleep time from six hours to seven could add about $226.4 billion to the U.S. economy, US$75.5 billion in Japan and US$34.1 billion in Germany.

It’s a good reason to hit the snooze but while it seems like a valid excuse to use on your boss, you’re probably better off sleeping earlier anyway.

But hey, if the economy gets any worse, maybe it’s high time we all took a nap.

New Research Says Hitting The Snooze Button Might Actually Benefit The Economy

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