Forbes: Scarlett Johansson is the World’s Highest-Grossing Actor of 2016

While 2016 may have been a drag on most fronts, it was also a pretty decent year for movies. We had the comic book spectacle that was Captain America: Civil War, a grittier version of Star Wars in Rogue One and amazing animated numbers including The Jungle Book.

One actor who happened to appear in two of these three stand-out films was Scarlett Johansson.

According to Forbes, the actress tallied ticket sales totalling a whopping US$1.2 billion, mainly thanks to Civil War, which made US$1.15 billion alone.

Johansson edged passed her Marvel co-stars Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans who both grossed US$1.15 billion from Civil War, their only main entry this year.

Unfortunately, animated films were not included in the tally, which could have propelled Johansson to an even wider gap.

The Rock also missed out from the Top 10 as a large chunk of his ticket sales came from Disney’s animated film Moana.

The honour of highest-grossing actor is not to be confused with being the highest-paid. The former takes into account the box office sales of movies as opposed to the pay checks that these actors received.

This is the Top 10 list of highest-grossing actors in 2016.

1. Scarlett Johansson, US$1.2 billion
2. Chris Evans, US$1.15 billion
Robert Downey Jr., US$1.15 billion
4. Margot Robbie, US$1.1 billion
5. Amy Adams, US$1.04 billion
6. Ben Affleck, US$1.02 billion
7. Henry Cavill, US$870 million
8. Ryan Reynolds, US$820 million
9. Felicity Jones, US$805 million
10. Will Smith, US$775 million

Forbes: Scarlett Johansson is the World’s Highest-Grossing Actor of 2016

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