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Deadpool Is The First Live-Action Superhero Movie To Be Nominated For A Golden Globe

Almost a year after its initial release in theatres, Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds are still making headlines over the film’s astounding success despite its limited budget and R-rating.

Superhero films make great popcorn entertainment. Some are mind-bendingly great, particularly this year’s Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, while others are less so.

But no matter how well-written a comic book movie script is or how well it’s acted, they simply do not get nominated for top awards unless its for visual effects, sound mixing or make-up.

So when the Golden Globes nominations were announced on Monday, no one expected Deadpool to be mentioned along the likes of La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge and Manchester By The Sea.

The movie garnered two nominations, one for Best Picture for a Musical or Comedy, and another for Ryan Reynolds as Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy.

In fact, Deadpool has become the first live-action superhero movie to receive a Best Picture nomination at the Golden Globes.

A lot went right for Deadpool to attain such achievement, especially its underlying commentary on the superhero films we have today. It also helped that the Golden Globes have separate awards for Drama and Comedy, keeping the competition relatively comfortable.

All in all, it’s a huge achievement for all those who were involved in the film which broke ground and showed studios that R-rated superhero films can make big bucks – Deadpool made more at the box office than any of the X-men movies prior. It’s partly the reason why we have an R-rated Wolverine movie to look forward to.

Let’s hope the sequel will recapture the magic that made the first Deadpool.

Deadpool Is The First Live-Action Superhero Movie To Be Nominated For A Golden Globe

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