Chance The Rapper Makes History After Grammy Changed A Significant Rule

While there seems to be an award for nearly everything these days, The Grammy Award remains the gold standard and most coveted prize in music achievement.

However, having been established way back in 1959, its difficult for pre-existing rules to remain relevant as the times change.

Since then, we’ve seen the advent of cassettes, CDs and the rise of digital music.

First Streaming-Only Album To Be Nominated 

Prior to Tuesday’s nominations announcement, no artist has ever been nominated for a streaming-only album. That is until The Recording Academy, which governs the Grammys, recognised a petition led by Chance to take streaming-exlusives into consideration for its nominations.

The rules were updated for a new age and Chance the Rapper earned seven nominations, including Best Rap Album for the streaming-only Coloring Book.

Not only has Chance made history at the Grammys, Coloring Book made waves earlier this year when it became the first album to chart the Billboard, without a single copy being sold – the album garnered 57 million streams in its first week.

The recognition by the Academy marks a shift in the music industry, with artists such as Frank Ocean and many more independents taking their fate into their own hands and working directly with streaming platforms like Apple Music to release exclusives without involving a label.

Bigger artists like Drake has been working very closely with the iPhone makers on exclusives and is poised to release a streaming-only project with Apple this month.

It’s a great sign for aspiring artists from all over the world to be recognised in music without depending on a label for success. The times they are a-changin’.

The 59th Grammy Awards will be held at the Staples Center, LA, on February 12, 2017.

Chance The Rapper Makes History After Grammy Changed A Significant Rule

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