2016 Wasn’t All Bad, Here Are Some Awesome Things That Happened This Year

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2016, like any other year, has been full of ups and downs. While the Internet entertained us with viral videos like Damn, Daniel and the Running Man Challenge, the world of politics gave us some very questionable events like Brexit and Donald Trump. And then there were the countless passings of beloved celebrities that cemented 2016 as a year to forget.

Despite the bleak year, there were some positives. Music was proper quality this year; industry vets like Beyonce and Kanye West released some of their best works with Lemonade and The Life of Pablo respectively. Frank Ocean finally released Blonde, his follow-up album to Channel Orange and Chance the Rapper changed the whole music industry landscape with Colouring Book. And to round up the whole year we got a pretty awesome Star Wars movie in Rogue One, the first Star Wars movie that wasn’t part of the main saga.

A lot has happened. And if you’re trying to remember every key event that’s transpired this year, you’ll probably miss out on a few things. So here’s our 2016 roundup – featuring some of our favourite, key events that we think you all should take note of.

1. Leo wins his first Oscar (February)

After four snubs (1 for Best Supporting Actor and 3 for Best Actor), that included nominations for top-notch performances in movies like The Aviator and Wolf of Wall Street, Leo finally clinched his well-deserved Academy Award for Best Actor for The Ravenant.

2. Deadpool arrived and it was awesome (February)

We knew we were in for a treat with such smart, witty marketing campaigns like Ryan Reynolds himself dressing up as the titular character and appearing on short clips on YouTube, engaging in banter. What we weren’t expecting was how huge of a success the movie would be. Aside from its critical acclaim, Deadpool was the 7th highest grossing film of 2016 and is the highest grossing R-rated film of all time (surpassing The Matrix: Reloaded). In addition, the movie became the first-ever live-action superhero movie to be nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture- Comedy or Musical. Ryan Reynolds himself too, got a nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical.

3. Leicester City beats all odds to become Premier League Champions (May)

Even if you don’t regularly watch the beautiful game, you must have heard of underdog football club, Leicester City winning English Premier League. After only being promoted two seasons ago, with players that weren’t even playing professional football until a few years ago, Leicester City has become one of only six football clubs to become champions of England, joining the ranks of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers.

4. Our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man returned to Marvel! (May)

After a deal between Sony and Marvel, we finally get our first glimpse of Marvel Studios’ rendition of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. This will be our third Spider-Man in 14 years but we’re all optimistic about this one because what makes this particular interpretation different is that the character is now back in the hands of Marvel.

Spider-Man is a crucial character in the Marvel universe and also, in the world of the Avengers; the cinematic universe would never have been complete without him. We also got a trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, his upcoming solo movie just a few weeks ago. From the trailer, it seems that we’ll be getting a movie that looks to be set predominantly in high school – something we haven’t seen from the past few attempts. We also won’t be getting the origin story again so if there’s one thing we can be sure of is that this Spider-Man sets to be a very different one.

5. Portugal wins EURO 2016 (July)

Christiano Ronaldo and Portugal won their first-ever major international trophy this July by becoming champions of Europe in the 2016 European Championship – EURO 2016 for short. With an extra-time goal from Eder, Portugal lifted the trophy, beating out hosts and favourites France.

6. We were introduced to the (short-lived) wonderful world of Pokemon GO (July)

What else is there to say? We can now catch, trade and battle pokemons in real life. It’s everything we’ve wanted since we started watching the cartoons and since we started playing the games on our Gameboy’s. Pokemon GO definitely changed the face of iPhone gaming for everyone.

7. Stranger Things became our new favourite TV show to binge-watch (July)

Netflix did it again by giving us one of the best new TV shows this year with Stranger Things. With it’s nod to the 80s and early Spielberg and Carpenter, the TV show brought us an irresistible suspense that kept us all binge-watching until the very end. What’s more, the series also brought us an incredibly talented, young cast that carried the whole show. This will surely become a cult classic.

8. Joseph Schooling brings home our first Olympic gold medal (August)

Joseph Schooling finally won us our very first gold medal in this year’s Olympics for the men’s 100m butterfly race. His timing of 50.39 seconds is an all-new record, beating out Michael Phelps’ old record of 50.58 seconds. #sgpride all the way!

9. Nathan Hartono comes in second place in Sing! China (October)

Local heartthrob Nathan Hartono came in second place in the highly popular Sing! China reality TV singing competition. Representing Jay Chou’s team, Hartono beat out three other finalists to clinch first runner-up. He is the first Singaporean ever to enter the final of the show.

10. Conor McGregor made UFC history holding two titles simultaneously (November)

After beating Eddie Alvarez on November 12th, in Madison Square for UFC 205, Conor McGregor became the first person in UFC history to hold two titles in two different weight classes simultaneously. He first became the featherweight champion on December 12th last year at UFC 194 after knocking out Jose Aldo. By knocking out Alvarez in the second round, McGregor also became the lightweight champion.

11. We love Coldplay (November)

Coldplay Instagram

If there’s one thing we know about the Coldplay fans here, it’s that they really, really want to see them live. Over 100,00 tickets were sold out for both of the band’s shows. After tickets for the original concert were sold out within 2 hours, Live Nation Lushington, announced a second show to be held, a day before. But these too were swept up by fans with more than 1,500 people queueing up outside the National Stadium after the announcement.

12. The return of Final Fantasy (November)

Final Fantasy XV

Arguably one of the biggest game launches in 2016, Final Fantasy XV finally hit shelves after ten long years in development. The game was met with great reception, with both fans and critics enjoying it despite some shortcomings. According to game director Hajime Tabata, FFXV packs in over 100 hours of gameplay, leaving you ample time to escape reality in this fantasy world.

2016 Wasn’t All Bad, Here Are Some Awesome Things That Happened This Year

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