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WhatsApp Introduces Video Calls For iOS, Android and Windows Users


WhatsApp announced earlier today that it will be introducing a video call function within its popular messaging app.

In doing so, the Facebook-owned messenger will allow over one billion of its users to connect across Android, iOS and Windows devices through instant video calls.

The introduction of voice calling was a welcomed function, used by many to bypass call charges and use their data allowance or Wifi connection instead.

Video calls would naturally take up more data but is a step-up in providing users with and added element of “face time”. The feature will compete directly with notable video calling apps such as Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype.

According to WhatsApp, their decision to include the video calling feature was in response to “many requests from our users”.

The app’s popularity began at the dawn of the modern smartphones, with its ability to operating software restrictions on Blackberry’s BBM and Apple’s iMessage, allowing users of any OS or phone manufacturer to connect via text.

It has now grown to become a ubiquitous software used by many for social and work purposes due to its effective Group Chat functions, and has a mainstay for years to come with its continuous updates and inclusion of new features.

It did however receive some backlash recently over privacy issues when it began asking permission for user’s data for ad targeting purposes.

WhatsApp Introduces Video Calls For iOS, Android and Windows Users

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