The Hype For Final Fantasy XV Is Real, So What Makes It So Special?

After 10 long years in development, Square Enix has finally released the eagerly-awaited installment of their popular franchise, Final Fantasy XV. Hype and anticipation for the game was unprecedented amongst fans of the franchise, who keenly awaited for the day to arrive since its trailer in June 2014.

It’s only been a day since its release and a tonne of people have begun posting their gameplay on Youtube and tracking their progress, seeing who can finish the game the fastest.

In each Final Fantasy franchise, there are unique elements that keeps each edition fresh and exciting. So that left us wondering, what makes Final Fantasy XV so special?

1. Battle System


Image: Techno Buffalo

This battle system was first introduced in Final Fantasy 11, which is an online open world game. It’s called Active Dimension Battle, where you get a choice to fight or run without the traditional method of confronting an enemy. FFXV has a unique feature which allows you to block your enemy or escape by warping. Not only that, if you are strategic enough, you can inflict a plenty of damage without even getting attacked.

 2. Levelling Up

Image Credit: Youtube

Image: Youtube

The Ascension Skill Tree is FFXV’s system for levelling up, inspired by the sphere grid from Final Fantasy X – a fan favourite amongst seasoned Final Fantasy players. One of its perks is that levelling up becomes slightly easier and you don’t have to train so hard to rise the ranks. You get AP points after each battle which you can use to increase attributes or learn new skills in the grid easily.

3. Travelling

Image Credit: Destructoid

Image: Destructoid

The in-game driving system has helped Final Fantasy XV in terms of pacing and ease of travel throughout the journey. As the game is an open world, travelling from one place to another is pretty much similar to cross-country driving. It’s a great way to shorten your travel distance and reach your destination before the night fall. Similar to real life, players will need to fuel up depending on how far you travel.

4. Time Period

Image Credit: Player HUD

Image: Player HUD

Not all games include day and night changes but Square Enix was not willing to compromise when it came to FFXV. Creature spawns differ from night and day, and there may also be quests that require you to fight a creature at night or maybe even during the rain. Not only that, there will always be a reminder advising against travel at night as players will encounter dangerous and higher level monsters.

5. Hidden Gems

Image Credit: Geekster

Image: Geekster

Hidden gems are aplenty in the game and unsurprisingly so to keep players’ invested in exploring FFXV’s open world. You can get your hands on the most powerful weapons in a hidden cave or easter eggs around. The sense of exploration is high in this game as there are limitless possibility to fight powerful creatures or getting your hands on the best of the best in an unknown territory. Not to mention, you might stumble upon Yojimbo, a cameo from Final Fantasy X.

6. Customisation

Image Credit: Aa’s Game Channel

Image: Aa’s Game Channel

Customization started in Final Fantasy 13-2 where you can alter the look and fashion sense of your main character. In FFXV however, you can now customise your character’s magic abilities as well by obtaining drops after defeating a creature and you can mix and match two different type of elemental magic to create a devastating effect. This is a huge addition to the franchise and a feature that sets it apart from its predecessors.

7. Challenges 

Image Credit: Final Fantasy XV

Image: Final Fantasy XV

If you love to strategize in a battle, FFXV can definitely satisfy that need, especially when a boss fight requires a whole new strategic to defeat it. Regardless on how good your character is in terms of slice and dice, you won’t be able to defeat bosses in few swipes. There are also super bosses which are very powerful and enough to kill the whole party in one attack, particularly Adamnatian, a giant tortoise creature that can only be killed after 72 hours. If you like the challenges, get ready to prep your party.

 8. Patches

Image Credit: Dean Weiss

Image: Dean Weiss

With patches, you can definitely expect new new features down the line as well as updates to remove bugs and glitches to make the game to run smoothly. Besides that, you can also expect extra perks like seasonal events, new quests, unique monsters and stunning weapons. The patches will also introduce the Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive movie into selected parts of the game to fill up plot holes.

Final Fantasy XV is definitely a remarkable game that everyone should get their hands on. From the stunning graphics to interesting storyline, you can also expect new features through every update.

If you’re new to the franchise and concerned about the learning curve, fret not. Progressing through the game will you to get familiar with the system but you may find it difficult in defeating enemies as they are pretty tough. Nevertheless, give it a go and let us know what you think.

The Hype For Final Fantasy XV Is Real, So What Makes It So Special?

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