Coldplay’s Singapore Concert Organisers Expected To Release An Extra 10,000 Tickets

Update [Nov 23, 7.45pm]: Since the publishing of this article, The Straits Times has since updated its report on the allocation of 10,000 additional tickets. While extra tickets are still expected to be released, the quantity is unclear.

Update [Nov 24, 10.05am]: Live Nation Lushington has announced additional tickets and an second night for Coldplay Singapore 2017. More details here.


Following the selling out of Coldplay’s Singapore concert tickets, organiser Live Nation Lushington is planning to release additional tickets to meet significant demand.

According to The Straits Times, an additional 10,000 tickets are expected to be released once layout and logistical issues are finalised over the next couple of days.

40,000 tickets were initially allocated but sold out in record timing, with many hopefuls experiencing site crashes and poor loading time due to the large traffic.

Ticket buyers have surfaced from beyond Singapore, with the band giving Malaysia and Indonesia a miss.

Another issue that has plagued the concert has been the presence of touts trying to turn a profit from reselling tickets.

While the tickets were originally priced from S$78 to S$298, tickets quickly surfaced on third party sites like Carousell, viagogo and TicketBis for exorbitant prices, some listing for over S$6,000.

The ST report added that the band are well aware of the presence of touts and are concerned about giving their fans an opportunity to watch them. Organisers have also been fairly vocal about taking strict action against resold tickets.

The report added that Coldplay were insistent on keeping their tickets prices low and affordable.

More details to come on the added allocation over the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

Coldplay’s Singapore Concert Organisers Expected To Release An Extra 10,000 Tickets

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