Coldplay Singapore 2017: 100,000 Tickets Sold Out

Ticket sales for Coldplay’s concert in Singapore next year has finally come to a close after a week of joy and frustration.

Two pre-sale sessions took place last week, both of which experienced extremely high sell out rates. By the time tickets were available to the public, there were simply not enough to meet demand.

When fans took to social media to voice out their frustration, many expected the concert organisers to simply release more tickets for the initial April 1 show. Fans were pleasantly surprised however when a second night was announced as well.

According to organisers Live Nation Lushington, about 100,000 tickets across both nights have been successfully sold out. Over 1,500 people queued up at the main box office at Kallang Wave Mall while thousands across the country took to SingPost to try their luck.

As with previous ticket sale sessions, many experienced technical issues due to high traffic on the online ticketing page.

The addition of a second show was a welcomed piece of news to many who thought their only resort was to succumb to overpriced tickets sold on third party sites.

Despite the addition however, many fans were still unable to get their hands on tickets, with several hoping to land access to Coldplay’s concert in Bangkok on April 7.

Coldplay Singapore 2017: 100,000 Tickets Sold Out

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