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Carlsberg Will Hire You For S$20,000 To Drink Beer For 4 Hours

Back by popular demand, Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job In The World campaign returns with twice the pay-off from last year – a sizeable S$20,000 for four hours of work.

That’s if you consider drinking beer for four hours work.

The campaign was first introduced in Singapore last year with social media manager Daniel Osgodby bagging the S$10,000 job.

Unlike most jobs, the role requires “zero experience”, a huge passion for the brand, and four hours in hand. The successful applicant will even be given a driver, so no transport is required. Applicants should also be 18 years and above.

Image: Carlsberg Singapore (Facebook)

Image: Carlsberg Singapore (Facebook)

To qualify, applicants are required to answer three questions on the application form under 140 characters. The first question reads, “I’m probably the best applicant because…” while the second asks, “When I have a Carlsberg in my hand, I become…”

Lastly, the questionnaire quizzes applicants on the best song title that best describes how they feel when they drink Carlsberg.

Applications can be made here and registration opens from November 21 until December 4.

Carlsberg Will Hire You For S$20,000 To Drink Beer For 4 Hours

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