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The Zouk Marshmello Saga: Who’s Right & Who’s Wrong?

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If you’ve been scrolling through your News Feeds lately, you would have probably heard about how Zouk hired an imposter pretending to be a famous DJ over the weekend.

Renowned EDM website Your EDM even published a piece describing the incident as a betrayal to the crowd who paid money to see DJ Marshmello on the Zouk decks.

The incident came to light when resident DJ Jade Rasif took to Facebook with “A rant on Zouk and Integrity” where she expressed her disappointment in the club despite risking her residency night there.

“You cheated your audience, all the people who uploaded pictures with him thinking he was real,” wrote Rasif on Facebook. “All the people who came to support you guys, you lied to. Integrity guys. Integrity.”

Even the man himself, the real DJ Marshmello took to Twitter, calling out Zouk along with Rasif’s Facebook post.

Well it seems that most of the Internet may have overreacted to the news, as Zouk didn’t hire the imposter nor did he spin that day.

Zouk released a statement on Facebook in response, emphasising that the imposter was merely a mascot who was not hired by Zouk and merely a patron who dressed up creatively.

There was also no official announcement of a DJ Marshmello appearance.

Local personality Dee Kosh and local DJ Inquisitive took to Zouk’s defence as well, emphasising that Zouk did not promote Marshmello’s appearance nor did the imposter touch the decks.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 4.07.44 PM

DJ Marshmello even retweeted Zouk’s statement on his official Twitter page, which was sent to him by Dee Kosh.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 3.49.31 PM

DJ Jade Rasif clarified later that Zouk isn’t to be blamed, but rather the guest DJs that night who implied that the imposter was the real deal.

“If anything the blame should fall on the 2 Guest DJs who posted and implied he was coming, brought an impostor in, let him hype behind the console, and gave their fans the impression that he was real…,” Rasif wrote in her second post on the incident. “Made people queue outside velvet then queue to take pics with fakemello.”

Guess it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

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The Zouk Marshmello Saga: Who’s Right & Who’s Wrong?

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