Sony Playstation 4 Pro Slim

Sony Launches Two New PlayStation 4s – Pro and Slim


In a rather odd move to hold a press event the same day as Apple’s iPhone announcements, Sony has introduced to the world two new versions of the PlayStation 4.

The first is a jacked-up and very powerful Playstation 4 Pro, filled with the insides of a typical gaming computer. With 1TB of hard disk space, an AMD GPU more than twice as fast as the original PS4, and 4K support, the PS4 Pro is a force not to be reckoned with.

PS4 .001The PS4 Pro allows games to be played in High Dynamic Range (HDR), adding significantly more detail in areas of extreme darkness or brightness. The console will also upscale older games to 4K and playback all non-gaming content from Netflix and YouTube in 4K and HDR as well.

Alongside the PS4 Pro will be a slimmer, lighter PlayStation, which is officially called the PS4. This slim version is significantly smaller than the already compact original.

PS4 .003

Sony was able to shed off about half an inch in width and height, and about three-quarters of an inch length-wise. The slim model is also lighter by 16 per cent and more energy efficient, taking up 28 per cent less power that its predecessor.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is expected to arrive on November 10, while the new slimmer PlayStation 4 will arrive next week on September 15.

Sony Launches Two New PlayStation 4s – Pro and Slim

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