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Techies and Sports Junkies Will Love The Revamped Funan Mall – Here’s Why

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Singaporeans dreaded the closing of Funan DigitaLife Mall back in June as it embarked on its three-year long renovation process.

Thankfully, the payoff looks promising, with the mall looking to incorporate cutting-edge elements and features to make it truly the mall of the future.

Earlier today, developer CapitaLand announced plans for the upcoming Funan integrated development, which will appeal to techies, sports junkies and foodies alike.


Here are 7 upcoming things to look forward to in the new redeveloped Funan mall in 2019.

1) Smart Shopping

Instead of walking around with your shopping bags, a new concept in the new Funan mall will be a drive-through click-and-collect service where shoppers can pick up items when they drive out. Shoppers may also choose to have their products delivered directly to their homes as well.

2) A 4,000 square-feet urban farm

The revamped Funan mall will feature a 4,000 sq ft urban farm, allowing the public to learn more about the origins of food and to grow their own produce. There will also be a 12,000 sq ft food garden, making the area the largest in the Singapore CBD dedicated for urban farming and agriculture.

3) High-tech Food Court 

Kopitiam will be introducing a high-tech food court named KOPItech which will feature tray return robots, self-ordering kiosks, robotic vacuum cleaners and food collection conveyor belts.

4) Indoor Sports Courts

Sports junkies will look forward to the multiple sports facilities in the new mall. These include a dedicated Futsal court on the sixth floor, a world class gym, a 25m swimming pool and a street basketball court.


5) 4-storey Rock-climbing Wall

The new mall will feature a 50-lane climbing facility operated by Climb Central. The highest wall of the facility extends from Funan’s Basement 2 to Level 2 at 15 metres high.

6) Indoor Cycling

Cycling enthusiasts can look forward to the indoor cycling lanes within the mall, making it Singapore’s first commercial building to allow for cycling throughout the building. Funan will also be offering full cycling amenities and end-of-trip facilities including bike shops, bike cafés, lockers and showers.

7) Multi-dimensional Cinema

One of Funan’s main tenant Golden Village will be offering the first multi- dimensional cinematic experience with state of the art cinema design for movie goers in Singapore.

8) IT Floor 

Funan wouldn’t be Funan of course without the IT element that made it popular. CapitaLand will be dedicating an entire floor to feature the latest digital gadgets and technological products. The mall will also incorporate interactive elements and workshop to embrace its technological associations.

Techies and Sports Junkies Will Love The Revamped Funan Mall – Here’s Why

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