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Back To The Future: Nike’s Self-Lacing Sneakers Get A Release Date

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Nike has finally announced the release date of its self-lacing sneakers, inspired by the ones from Back to the Future.

Earlier today, Nike’s PR Director Heidi Burgett tweeted that the HyperAdapt 1.0 will be available from November 28 this year.

The release is only in selected US retailers however, and a feature by Wired expects a hefty price tag to come with it.

The self-lacing mechanics work thanks to the use of a fishing line and pressure sensor, which allows the shoe to tighten its laces when you put the shoes on. There are also buttons near the tongue to manually adjust the tightness and pressure of the shoe.

The shoes need to be charged however, as the internal electronic system requires a bit of juice to function. LED lights at the heel indicate low battery and also light up when the kicks are tightening.

Each charge takes about three hours from nil to full and lasts about two weeks.


Self-lacing shoes have been a topic of discussing in recent times, particularly with the resurgence of Back to the Future fandom.

The pair found in the movie have been teased by Nike for a couple of years already, with a non-functional pair back in 2011.

Earlier this March, Nike announced the HyperAdapt 1.0, a more streamlined version for mass consumption.

Find out more about the HyperAdapt 1.o in Wired‘s feature below.

Back To The Future: Nike’s Self-Lacing Sneakers Get A Release Date

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