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Google is Finally Making Their Own Phone – All The Details Here


Google and Apple have taken very different approaches to their smartphone business ever since the dawn of the Android and iOS systems.

Apple has always taken a ‘walled garden’ approach, not just for their phones, but from the very beginning. This meant designing and manufacturing both the software and hardware, controlling the user experience from start to finish.

Google on the other hand chose to focus on their operating system, allowing phone manufacturers from around the world to create and design their own devices using Google’s open platform.

Google has co-produced Android devices in the past, notable the Google Nexus line, whereby the tech giant collaborates with established manufacturers in the market including the likes of Huawei, LG, HTC and ASUS.

This time however, it appears that Google will be releasing its own smartphones independently, focusing on the “made by Google” element as its unique selling point. This is especially evident in the URL for the upcoming phones –

According to reports, the phone will most likely be called the Pixel and will come in two sizes – one in 5 inches and another in 5.5 inches.

As shown in the video, the announcement will take place on October 4.

Android Police also shared a couple of leak images of the upcoming phone, featuring a design not too dissimilar to the iPhone 6s except for a fingerprint scanner at the back.


(Image credit: Android Police)

Earlier this month, Google pulled the plug on Project Ara, the company’s effort in building a fully modular phone.

Google is Finally Making Their Own Phone – All The Details Here

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