Watch Jimmy Kimmel Prank Kanye Fans With Fake Yeezy 1150

With the recent release of adidas Yeezy Boost 350 for Infants , Jimmy Kimmel decided to play a little prank on Kanye and sneaker fans in Los Angeles.

Kimmel and his “reporter” took to the streets of LA to give strangers a “sneak peak” of the unreleased Yeezy Boost 1150.

Unfortunately for these unsuspecting passersby, the shoe that was in their hands were nothing more than a US$13.20 Chinese-manufactured sneaker from eBay.

The premise of the prank, as Kimmel described, was based on the way Kanye fans would line up and purchase anything attached to the Yeezy brand, even a US$130 pair of Yeezy Boosts for kids.

As expected, the participants were unsuspecting and spoke well about the shoes, with one ironically saying that the knock-offs “don’t feel like a cheap shoe whatsoever”, while another describe them as still having “that Kanye pizzazz on it.”

Watch the prank above.


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