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Soon You Can Play Hundreds of PlayStation 3 Games on Your PC


Sony announced this morning that their PlayStation Now service is coming to the PC along with a USB dongle that allows users to connect their DualShock controller to their computers wirelessly.

The Japanese tech giant has been garnering a fair bit of attention this past week with two new PlayStation models reported to be launched next month.

Eric Lampel, SVP of the PlayStation Network, wrote on the PlayStation blog that the move will bring a wide selection of PlayStation-exclusive titles to the PC for the first time.

PlayStation Now subscribers can stream over 400 games for a subscription fee – think of it as a Netflix for games.  Launched last year, PS Now has already been available on the PS4 and several smart televisions.

PlayStation Now is not to be confused with Remote Play, a separate service which allows PlayStation 4 owners to transmit and play their PS4 games on their PC or Mac computers. Remote Play requires users to own both a PlayStation console and the game titles they wish to stream.

Alongside the PlayStation Now announcement, Sony will be offering a DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor. This adaptor will let you connect a DualShock 4 to PC and Mac wirelessly. All functions will be enabled, including the light bar and touch pads.

Prior to this, gamers had to connect to their PC and Macs via a micro-USB wire. The USB Wireless Adaptor will retail for US$25.

It is unclear as to whether users will be able to use their own non-Sony controllers for PlayStation Now. It is unlikely however as Remote Play only works with DualShock controllers.


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Soon You Can Play Hundreds of PlayStation 3 Games on Your PC

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