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Malaysian Bags Prize At Film Festival In New York

Malaysian director Dharius Zulkefli made his nation proud last week after winning the ‘Best Editing’ award for his short film Kun Fayakun at the United International Film Festival 2016 in New York.

The film competed against 45 other films from across the world to win the award, which was presented on 31 July 2016.

Kun Fayakun, which translate from Arabic as “to be … it is”, follows the story of a man in a vegetative state who has to battle his inner demons to find salvation and recover.


Zulkefli explained that the inspiration for the film originated from a conversation with his parents on how choices are the greatest gift of all. This led him to explore a story of a man trapped in a realm that is neither heaven nor hell.

The film took minimal resources and time to complete – a total of two and half a month – but Zulkefli insists he is a true believer in the term “Malaysia Boleh“, which loosely translates as “Malaysia Can Do It”. The film will be screened at various other film festivals across the United States along with Zulkefli’s other short, Fado.

Besides his short films, Dharius Zulkefli collaborates closely with singer and fellow Malaysian Ariff AB, filming several of the latter’s music videos.

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Malaysian Bags Prize At Film Festival In New York

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