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This App Will Make Organising Futsal Matches A Whole Lot Easier

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being tasked to organise football matches amongst your friends, you’d probably understand the pains that come with it.

From finding a date and time that works for everyone to those last minute dropouts, setting up games can be quite a challenge.

Most people I know including my own set of football kakis use WhatsApp groups to gauge numbers and set up matches; a system that seems a little out-dated given the technological advancements we’ve made in other parts of our daily lives.

Enter Sportify, an app founded by sports enthusiasts who have been through the same struggles and did something about it.

On their website, Sportify describes itself as a “platform for players to connect with each other, create or join a game, and make bookings in just a few taps.”


Not only are you able to sync up with your buddies, Sportify allows users to book futsal courts and send locations to your friends with a tap of a button.

Additionally, players who are itching for a game but don’t have a group can search through a list of open games to take part and make new friends in the process.

Sportify will also send reminders to ensure your team shows up and will notify users immediately if a teammate drops out.


Sportify will launch in Malaysia in the coming months but the company has already signed agreements with over 100 sport courts in the country, according to Vulcan Post.

Besides football and futsal, the app can also be used for other sports including badminton and golf.

This App Will Make Organising Futsal Matches A Whole Lot Easier

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