First Reactions To Civil War Are Really Really Good


Marvel must really be having a laugh. Coming into 2016, most fanboys were anticipating one of the biggest showdown in comic book movie history; the battle between DC’s Batman v Superman and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

With Batman v Superman taking hits from both fans and critics alike, Marvel has gone of the offensive with its marketing for Civil War, even to the point of lifting the embargo for reviews to be published almost a month before its release date (previous Marvel films had embargoes lifted only two week prior to release date).

Marvel’s confidence in Civil War is apparent, and now with initial reviews and first reactions on social media trickling in, their confidence appears to be well grounded in reality.

Here are just a coulee of tweets we’ve managed to gather from some of the top leading critics and media personalities.

Captain America: Civil War is set to be released in Southeast Asia on April 28 2016.

First Reactions To Civil War Are Really Really Good

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