EPL Footballers Among 150 Athletes In Doping Scandal

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Retired British doctor claims he prescribed performance-enhancing drugs to 150 sport athletes, including Premier League footballers from Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester City.

Dr Mark Bonar, an anti-ageing doctor, alleged that he charged thousands of pounds for banned performance-enhancing drugs including erythropoietin (EPO), steroids and human growth hormones.

These claims have surfaced from an expose by The Sunday Times newspaper in the UK.

Despite these claims, The Sunday Times added that they have no independent evidence to substantiate them, and neither were the clubs aware of Dr Bonar’s relationship with their players.

In addition to Premier League footballers, Dr Bonar is alleged to have worked with an England cricketer, Tour de France cyclists, a British boxing champion, tennis players and martial arts combatants.


UK Sports Minister John Whittingdale has commented on the situation, expressing his shock and concern by the allegations and has called for an urgent probe into the matter.

“Sports fans are entitled to be sure that what they are watching is true and fair with all athletes competing on a level playing field”, said Mr Whittingdale. “I have asked for there to be an urgent independent investigation into what action was taken when these allegations were first received and what more needs to be done to ensure that British sport remains clean.”

Dr Bonar is no stranger to controversy and the limelight. Late last year, he was accused of hiding a woman’s terminal cancer from her so that he could continue billing her for treatment.

Feature image credit: Mirror Online


EPL Footballers Among 150 Athletes In Doping Scandal

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