Djibril Cisse’s New Job Is Going To Surprise You


While most careers typically span over 40 years, the shelf-life of a footballer lasts merely a fraction of that. We’ve witnessed some of our favourite football stars make their transition from player to manager, while others settle for more vocal roles as television pundits and commentators.

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse however has never been one for convention. Having sported a range of over-the-top hairdos to pioneering the practice of wearing boots that don’t match, Cisse has established himself as simply one of those players you love to hate and hate to love.

Well, it appears our friend Djibril has taken the first two letters of his first name quite literally and has pursued a career in DJing. His most recent milestone was opening for Mariah Carey at her Paris concert.

He tweeted before the concert: “I have the honour and joy to announce that I’ll be opening for the great Mariah Carey tomorrow evening.”

We’re glad Cisse has landed on his feet after his run of bad injuries in his former clubs. From what we gather on the man’s Twitter account, he’s open for bookings at [email protected]

Djibril Cisse’s New Job Is Going To Surprise You

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