Early Reactions To Rogue One Will Make You Wanna Watch It Immediately

With only days away until the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theatres, social media reactions to the film have been trickling in after its world premiere in Los Angeles.

While the film had several production issues which included reports of reshoots and a change of tone mid-way through filming, the verdict has been insanely positive, giving us a new hope for the upcoming line of spin-off films for the franchise.

Here are some early reactions to Rogue One.













Yup, it definitely sounds like a must-watch.

[WATCH] The Latest Trailer for Rogue One Will Hype The Sh*t out of You

Ladies and gentlemen, the hype train for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is going full steam ahead, and boy am I glad to be on it.

We’ve had several teasers and trailers already for the upcoming Star Wars film, but this latest one finally sheds light on protagonist Jyn Erso’s past and her motive for being part of the ‘Rogue One’ crew.

The first scene is an open farm where Jyn’s father Galen tells his daughter that whatever he’s doing is to protect her, before he gets taken by the Empire. Later we are alluded to the idea that the Death Star was designed by Galen.

The trailer also gives a very good look at some battle scenes, a glimpse of Darth Vader and a deeper look at a tropical planet unlike anything we’ve seen in the Star Wars universe.

Rogue One is the first of three anthology stories in the Star Wars universe set outside the main ‘Episodes’. It’s set right before the events of A New Hope (Episode IV), and follows the story of a band of rebels who are tasked to steal the plans of the Death Star.

MOVIE WATCH: 7 Must-Watch Blockbusters Coming Out This Oct-Dec 2016

After a fairly dreary autumn in the movie theatres, Winter is upon us bringing with it a feast of blockbusters to look forward to.

Here are eight to take note of.

1) Doctor Strange

Marvel’s latest installment in its Cinematic Universe is due for release in Singapore & Malaysia later this month, a week before the US release on November 4. The film follows the story of Dr. Stephen Strange, a highly successful but arrogant neurosurgeon who injures his hands in a car crash and travels the world for a cure. Stumbling upon the mystic arts of sorcerers, Strange must learn to put his ego aside for the sake of the universe.

Release: October 27th

Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen, Rachel McAdams

Directed by: Scott Derrickson

2) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The first of several standalone films in the Star Wars universe, Rogue One explores the story of an unlikely group of heroes to steal the plans of the Death Star, leading up to the events in Episode IV: A New Hope. It’s the first Star Wars feature film without a Skywalker as a protagonist, with Felicity Jones taking on lead duties as rebel Jyn Erso.

Release: December 15th

Starring: Felicity Jones, Forrest Whitaker, Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen

Directed by: Gareth Edwards

3) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Set in 1926, Fantastic Beasts follows the story of Newt Scamander who’s ultimate mission is the find extraordinary magical creatures across the land – a Pokemon Trainer of sorts. The film returns us to the beloved Harry Potter universe since 2011’s Deathly Hallows Part II, poised to send hyperventilating Potterheads to a frenzy this coming December.

Release: November 17th

Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Ezra Miller, Colin Farrell

Directed by: David Yates

4) Assassin’s Creed

Based on the highly-popular video game of the same name, Assassin’s Creed takes us on a journey through 15-century Spain. Callum Lynch, played by Michael Fassbender, undergoes a procedure unlocking his genetic memories, allowing him to experience the adventures of his assassin ancestor.

Release: December 22nd

Starring: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons

Directed by: Justin Kurzel

5) Passengers

Passengers is the only entry on this list that isn’t a sequel or part of an existing franchise. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, arguably two of the hottest rising stars in recent times, as passengers on a 120-year voyage to a distant colony planet. Both their character are awaken from their sleep chambers 90 years too early.

Release: December 22nd

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia

Directed by: Morten Tyldum

6) Inferno

Tom Hanks returns as Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist who finds himself in a manhunt to regain his freedom and decipher clues from Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. It’s the third installment in the Dan Brown series of books, although the ordering in the films have differed slightly from the books. The film was originally slated for a December 2015 release, but was pushed to October 2016 so as to not compete with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Release: October 27th

Starring: Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Irrfan Khan

Directed by: Ron Howard

7) Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is arguably the last remaining action star in film. Unlike most actors who sit back while stunt actors perform high risk takes, Tom Cruise does all his stunts himself. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is the follow-up to the 2012 film, which was incredibly underrated and under-marketed. The sequel is set four years after the first film, with Jack being accused of a homicide 16 years ago.

Release: October 20th

Starring: Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders

Directed by: Edward Zwick

Watch the Visual Effects Breakdown from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened last Christmas, it reminded us of the magic from the original trilogy that was lost in the prequels. Fans and newcomers alike were mesmerised by outstanding visuals which boasted a mixed use of practical and visual effects.

The company responsible for the visual effects Industrial Light & Magic just released a breakdown on the visual work that went behind the making of The Force Awakens.

If you haven’t heard of ILM, they are a VFX and animation studio under Lucasfilm, responsible for the visuals in many films and shows including Marvel’s Avengers and Captain America: Civil War, Jurassic World, The Martian and Star Trek, just to name a few.

ILM will also be working on the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which opens this December.

Watch the video above.

Lego Unveil Upcoming Sets For Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Lego Star Wars Rogue One

Lego has unveiled the first wave of Star Wars merchandise from the upcoming Rogue One film.

The sets, which were revealed on Thursday, offer a look into the film that premieres this December.

The unexpected drop gives a glimpse into old and new vehicles and fighters including those that we’ve never seen before.

One of these new fighters is the TIE Striker, which is the first variant of the classic TIE Fighter that will be canonical – treated as part of the main Star Wars canon – in more than thirty years. The TIE Striker offers a sleeker and more aerodynamic look compared to the iconic TIE Fighter, and features adjustable wings.


The TIE Striker will retail for US$69.99.

The Rebels on the other hand have a new craft in the form of the Rebel U-Wing Fighter. The ship looks more of a transport vehicle compared to the typical fighters we’ve seen in the past, but it packs a heavy artillery with front spring-loaded shooters and stud shooters on the sides.


The Rebel U-Wing Fighter will retail for US$69.99.

Included in the first wave are the classic AT-ST Walker, an Imperial Assault Hovertank, and figurines of security droid K-2SO and protagonist Jyn Erso.

If you’re really into Star Wars vehicles however, a standout centrepiece may be the Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle, the largest and most expensive set in the Rogue One collection.

The shape looks like a combination between the Imperial Shuttles of the original trilogy (Episodes IV-VI) and Kylo Ren’s from The Force Awakens.


The set will retail for US$89.99 and will include six figurines.

The Rogue One collection is set to release on Force Friday (Sept 30, 2016).

New Star Wars Rogue One Trailer: Darth Vader Appears

Star Wars Rogue One

After a string of teaser videos and behind-the-scenes footages, the first full official trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has finally landed.

Fans had high hopes that cinema’s most beloved villain would appear in Rogue One, and it isn’t until the final frames of the trailer that we see Darth Vader appear, full of heavy breathing and shine on his helmet.

The two-minute clip was filled with new scenes and footages that had not been showed before.

For instance, we got a lot more of Forrest Whitaker and we also finally get to hear Donnie Yen’s character mention the ‘F’ word: The Force.

“I fear nothing,” Chirrut Imwe (Yen) says as he walks toward the frame. “All is as the Force wills it.”

The dialogue comes as we see Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso character recruit team members with Diego Luna’s Captain Cassian Andor.

We also get a fair share of K-2SO, a comically re-programmed Galactic robot, and a very good glimpse of a TIE fighter that flies up close to Jyn Erso.

It’s safe to say that this Star Wars film will be like no other. Slated as a war film and an immediate prequel to A New Hope, we’re going to get a glimpse of the galaxy like we never seen before.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in cinemas this December.


8 Games We’re Looking Forward To After E3 2016

If you haven’t heard of E3, think of it as the Comic-Con for video games. Short for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, it’s the largest video game conference and show in the world.

Every year, the main console manufacturers Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as well as the major game developers such as EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda, flaunt and showcase footages and teasers of their upcoming games.

With this year’s conference coming to an end, here are 8 games that we’re really looking forward to after their showcase at E3 2016.

1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty has always been a polarising game. Hardcore gamers hate it, mainstream gamers tend to love it. This upcoming edition takes everything you either hate or love and updates it for the 21st century. That’s right, it takes place in space in the fairly distant future and has a tinge of Mass Effect written over it. We’re pumped nonetheless.

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release: 4 November 2016



2. God of War

If you’ve ever played God of War on the earlier Playstations, you know how much fun wielding Kratos’ blades can be. The graphics are stunning and Kratos looks better than ever as the God of War. While earlier editions were based on Greek mythology, this new reboot sees our favourite Greek God take on some Norse deities. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to get ugly and bloody.

Platforms: PS4 exclusive
Release: TBC



3. FIFA 17

We know what you’re thinking. FIFA 17, really? Isn’t it just the same game with updated team rosters and some minimal upgrades to the graphics. Nope, not quite. This year’s edition of the super-popular football simulation game is including a massive addition to the team: Frostbite. To the unacquainted, EA/DICE’s Frostbite engine is mainly used for the Battlefield first-person shooter games and Star Wars: Battlefront. FIFA 17 features a brand new mode called The Journey which allows you to live out the story of a young English player named Alex Hunter in his journey through the Premier League.

Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
27 September 2016



4. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You either love or hate the Lego adaptations of games. I personally love them. They breathe a fresh take onto source materials that we love and there’s no better source material than the record-breaking Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It brings with it Lego’s sense of goofy and carefree fun for anyone of all ages. It’s hard to hate this one.

Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U
28 June 2016



5. Spider-Man

While we’re still undecided on the look & feel of the game, one thing is for certain: This game looks way more entertaining than previous editions. Previous Spider-Man games suffered from unresponsive and clunky controls as well as poor story-line and action. From this trailer, the game looks way more controllable and a heck a lot of fun. We’re buzzing!

Platforms: PS4 exclusive
28 June 2016



6. Gears of War 4

While Sony has gone all out with its PS4-exclusive titles, Microsoft did not disappoint either. Gears of War 4 looks like the all-guns-blazing shooter we have come to love over the years. I mean, which other game let’s you attach a chainsaw to the end of your rifle and mow down enemies in your way. What’s more, purchasing Gears of War 4 on the Xbox One entitles you to a free copy for Windows 10 as part of Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere” initiative. Seems legit.

Platforms: Xbox One, PC
11 October 2016



7. Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has been on the radar for many gamers since word first came out of its existence. The look of the game is a slight departure from the Final Fantasy games of the past, but we’re too distracted by the cutting-edge graphics and massive boss fights to even care. Can. Not. Wait.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
30 September 2016



8. Death Stranding

If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, this one’s for you. Fans of the show would instantly recognise the mug and locks of one Norman Reedus as its main character. Pair the fine acting of this fine gentleman with the story-telling and design of video gaming legend Hideo Kojima, and we are left with an enigmatic, surreal and intriguing game that will be sure to leave us mind-blown and breathless. It looks stunning and slightly trippy at the same time. It has the signs of a well-funded game and we can’t wait for the results.

Platforms: PS4



The Trailer For The Latest Star Wars Film is Awesome

What a time to be alive! Only four months after feasting our eyes (ears, hearts and minds as well), we have been gifted by the Gods of Disney and Lucasfilm the first trailer for Rogue One, the first of three non-trilogy Star Wars movies.

While fans will have to wait until 2017 for Episode VIII to arrive, Rogue One, which is set some time before the events of Episode IV: A New hope, will keep us distracted enough that we won’t bite my fingers off after our nails are done.

For a debut trailer, the clip surprisingly reveals quite a fair bit of the film. For instance, we get a pretty good idea of the character played by Felicity Jones. In the clip, it’s pretty obvious that she’s no damsel in distress. We reckon it wouldn’t take long before she becomes an idolised fan favourite.

Besides Jones, we also get good glimpses of Forrest Whitaker and Donnie Yen, both of whom appear to have pretty influential roles. We even see the popular Ip Man star get into a bit of trouble, using what appears to be nothing more than a stick to ward off his opponents. Would he wield a lightsaber in the film? We sure hope so!

Unsurprisingly, the Internet has gone absolute bonkers over it.





Watch the clip here!