Streaming juggernaut Netflix and Complex are teaming up on a show dedicated to sneakerheads all over the world.

Appropriately titled Sneakerheads, the six-episode comedy series stars Allen Maldonado and Andrew Bachelor, who also known as King Bach on social platforms.

The series follows the story of Devin, a stay-at-home dad who left the sneaker game but gets lured back by old friend and parts with $5,000 as part of a get-rich-quick scheme.

With his money in the wind, Devin brings together a rag tag group of sneakerheads to travel the world in search of the Zeroes, the grail of all holy grails.

Sneakerheads launches exclusively on Netflix on September 25.

For more information, check out the Netflix launch page where you can set a reminder when the series launches.

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