In last night’s earning call, Electronic Arts has confirmed that the sequel to Star Wars Battlefront will be released later this year during the holiday season.

According to EA, the development team have listened to the fairly vocal feedback from fans around the world. The follow-up to the 2015 space shooter will be “even bigger” and will include a single-player campaign.

The absence of a campaign mode in the first Battlefront reboot was a huge talking point amongst critics and fans. Developers DICE of the popular Battlefield franchise has been lauded for their emotionally-driven storylines and game design, leaving many fans disappointed that their first take on Star Wars was purely multiplayer.

Image: EA

Moreover, many fans felt that online game modes were far too simplistic, and lacked the depth and complexity that made the Battlefield games so memorable and addictive.

Besides the addition of single-player, EA said that Battlefront 2 will include content “from multiple eras”, emphasising on The Force Awakens and Rogue One as examples of how the film series has expanded.

Along with DICE, the sequel to Battlefront will be co-developed by Motive Studios and Criterion (Need for Speed).

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